In Shekou and Shenzhen there is a limited range of casual clothing in Western sizes. There are many factory outlets: care should be taken to look for defects or flaws, but the prices are irresistible! Be aware you can not depend on the size marked on the label and finding larger sized clothing can be problematic. Local tailors and dressmakers can copy your favorite clothes in materials of your choice at very reasonable prices. Note: reasonable dry cleaning is also available locally. Hong Kong has an infinite range of clothing many with brand names. Prices are set accordingly from department stores to street stalls.
Casual, but smart clothes are most commonly worn for school and street wear. Shorts and jeans are not acceptable for work. If you have favorites in the lingerie line (panties and bras), bring a generous supply. Clothes are readily available in Western sizes in Hong Kong. Tailoring is available, as is a wide variety of fabric.
Men’s suits can be tailor-made for US$150 and higher, including fabric. Large sizes of off-the-rack clothing can be hard to locate locally.
Rain Wear
Bring light-weight raincoats if you already own them. They can be purchased here as well. Regular and folding umbrellas are A#1 buys in China!
Sports Wear / Hiking / Outdoor
The Decathlon store (Near Shekou Walmart) has a great selection of sportswear, hiking clothing, backpacks, shoes, tents, exercise equipment, bikes etc. Prices are excellent.
Women’s (8 and up) and men’s larger sizes (11 and up) and narrow sizes (AA or thinner) are difficult to find in China. In HK good shoes, while not always in your preferred style or color, are available at a price. Bring shoes for larger-sized feet! Tennis shoes cost from 100 RMB to US$100 depending on their origin: originals or knock-off.