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NOTE: This is a "WIKI" space that contains information that may be useful for people from other countries that are living and working in the Shenzhen area of Southern China, just West of Hong Kong. It is aimed mainly at teachers and people working for government and non-government organizations. This "WIKI" space can and should be edited and updated by YOU, as you find information and learn things, as many of us have, the Hard Way! (Note the #TODO# areas on many pages, and the # on the categories below). Anyone may read this space, but you need to ask to become a "member" to edit things. It's easy, and we encourage you to do that! Click HERE to find out more. Questions? Suggestions? Contributions, Updates or Corrections? Email

Below are underlined links you may click on to get to pages that cover various subjects. In some cases they will lead to additional pages. Also note the Navigation listing which will be on your left at all times.

INFORMATION ABOUT THE SHENZHEN AREA: For friends, family, newcomers and about-to-be residents
#FLYING INTO HONG KONG: Hints for the first time you fly into the Hong Kong airport. Also how to take direct ferry to Shekou/Shenzhen.
#FOOD and SHOPPING: How things are different, What, Where, and What's Good.
#EATING OUT: What and Where
GETTING AROUND: TRAVEL CARDS for Taxi Drivers etc: Small cards with addresses in Chinese: Walmart, Shekou, etc.
GETTING AROUND: PHRASE CARDS A beginning at some useful phrases
#GETTING AROUND: MAPS and DIRECTIONS: Both country-wide and Shenzhen area maps
#PHOTOS AROUND THE SHEKOU AREA: What it look like...
#HOME: WHAT's DIFFERENT: What to expect in your living space.
#CLOTHES: What to wear, where to get it
#DRIVING IN CHINA: (Skip this if you've driven a cab in Boston, New York or Paris)
#MANDARIN and CANTONESE: Information, Translation and Learning information
WORLD CITIZEN'S GUIDE: How NOT to be "The Ugly American", (or other Foreigner )